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Medical Devices industry event - 71st China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Fair

2014-5-26 11:57:57

Asia-Pacific region's largest medical equipment and related products and services exhibition, industry attention 71st China International Medical Equipment ( Spring ) Fair on 17-20 April 2014 held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center .

        Assembly received from more than 20 countries with more than 2,700 medical device manufacturers , and government agencies in over 100 countries and regions 150,000 people worldwide purchasing, hospital buyers and dealers exchange trading, exchanges, is also the largest in the medical industry professional medical procurement trading platform to publish the best corporate image and professional information centers and academic , technical exchange platform.

         The exhibition , our national distributor of products - imported French series ECM ultrasound equipment in France and the Guangdong Pavilion Pavilion has demonstrated . ECM ultrasound its exquisite appearance, exquisite image quality, excellent quality attracts many guests to the meeting , to win the majority of customers. Small ultra-portable ultrasound "EXAGO", a full-featured portable 4D ultrasound "EXAGYNE", full-function Car- 4D ultrasound "IMAGYNE" such as a comprehensive showcase of the exquisite French ECM ultrasound image quality and unique design concept , widespread concern participating merchants many businessmen showed great purchase intent and cooperation.

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