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Eat fresh bamboo shoots careful induce excessive consumption of hazardous gastroenterology

2014-5-15 16:38:36

Just make bamboo shoots , but the food had to work too hard . Reporters recently learned from the Department of Gastroenterology, Hospital of Wenzhou City , about a week more than 10 people , the consumption of a lot of mustard , bamboo shoots and cause acute gastritis , gastrointestinal bleeding as well as severe symptoms .

Dun Dun eat fried bamboo shoots
Carefully stomach " losing his temper ."
" Winter and Spring is the high incidence of gastrointestinal disease , two weeks , outpatient and emergency patients increased significantly ." The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical digest a large panel chair Huang Zhiming told reporters , alternating hot and cold weather , can lead to eating disorders and other gastrointestinal problems .
Ms Wu citizens , recently repeated stomach bloating , belching also pantothenic acid . After inspection, found that acute gastritis caused by indigestion . According to Ms Wu recalled , because his family love to eat bamboo shoots , attached home made ​​meals last week, fried pickles shoots , and he ate most of the disk . " After dinner , we feel the stomach with a piece of rock drums , nausea and vomiting ." After a couple of days , Ms Wu did not eat appetite , stomach still aching.
Recently a large number of listed bamboo shoots , a lot of people because of its nutrient-rich , high crude fiber content , eat every day. "Because it is rich in crude fiber , more difficult to digest, a lot of food will stimulate the stomach , gastric damage , some of the small blood vessels of the digestive tract vulnerable to damage, leading to gastrointestinal bleeding ." City Hospital medical director , director of Chinese medicine had Yiu Ming said.
Excessive eating fruits, vegetables and beverages also hurt the stomach . According黄智铭introduce some patients to eat a lot of fruit in the spring and summer , sometimes in a hurry to go to work , and even eat a banana for breakfast , " in conjunction with sour fruits together to stimulate gastric acid , leading to gastrointestinal bleeding ." In addition , the Lunar early February two meals with the custom of eating mustard , the day many people eat too much mustard , causing indigestion , thus suffering from acute gastritis.
Doctors advise , if there is bloating, stomach pain, black stool , it means that there may be gastrointestinal bleeding that requires immediate medical attention.

Patient and careful to eat bamboo shoots kids
First Spring Stomach Liver
" Shoots have Dunlan then eat and not eat anyone ." Had Yiu Ming believes that patients with peptic ulcer disease , gastritis, gastrointestinal bleeding and other gastrointestinal disorders , should be Shensi bamboo shoots . In addition, the elderly, children should not eat , preferably not more than half a meal .
It is understood that the spring general vasodilation, improper diet can easily stimulate the stomach . If not Shu qi , can occur stomach pain, disharmony of liver and can occur acid reflux, heartburn, temper weak , there will be bleeding and other symptoms. So , spring is the season of high incidence of stomach , including gastric ulcer, cirrhosis and other diseases associated with gastrointestinal bleeding .
Liver Huwei suitable spring . Chinese experts suggested that members of the public may be appropriate to eat sour food such as ebony , or barley , yams, red beans porridge to help dampness diuretic. Eat cold , strong , spicy , spicy food , avoid overeating .
It should be noted that patients with stomach generally considered " cold" , abdominal stomach weakness is best not to eat cold pear , grapefruit and so on. According to Wang , fasting eat tomatoes , oranges and other causes stomach pain caused by pressure rise ; fasting bananas , the amount of magnesium in the blood increases the cardiovascular inhibition .

Chunsun taboo crowd
Bamboo shoots not only contain insoluble calcium oxalate, urinary tract , kidney, patients with gallstones should not eat , but also contain more crude fiber , and cirrhosis in patients with gastrointestinal disease patients may be the causative factor.
In addition to people with allergies to Shensi bamboo shoots , the cirrhosis esophageal varices in particular also try not to eat bamboo shoots , bamboo shoots because of the large amount of crude fiber is easily bruised abdominal or digestive tract, causing patients with gastrointestinal bleeding .
In addition , people with urinary stones and children 14 years of age nor should eat bamboo shoots , bamboo shoots can be eaten before Hekou soup or eat a few mouthfuls of rice, bamboo shoots to reduce irritation to the gastrointestinal mucosa , try not to eat ice cream after eating bamboo shoots , cold beer , raw seafood and other raw foods.

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