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Overworked hepatitis recur six reasons to hepatitis comeback

2014-5-15 16:29:29

Hepatitis is a common infectious disease , although the disease easily transmitted , but not terrible people think , as long as the preventive measures to do is avoid hepatitis infection. For hepatitis patients themselves , as long as the positive work with the doctor , aggressive treatment , proper rest and nutrition, so it is possible in a short time to restore health. But note that after cure still be careful not to overwork, or easy to relapse , suffering from hepatitis syndrome.

Hepatitis hepatitis syndrome is healing after appearing in autonomic disorders characterized syndrome , patients may be fatigue , dizziness, stretching, chest tightness, palpitation , insomnia , fatigue , loss of appetite and other symptoms, thought to prevent post- hepatitis syndrome , to prevent recurrence of hepatitis us first understand the reasons for lower relapse.

1 ) overwork
Data show that about three-quarters of patients due to overwork leaving repeated liver function , such as excessive running , staying up late , nervousness , mood swings and sexual injured .
2 ) diet is not adjusted
Diet does not cause chronic hepatitis relapse tune , therefore , patients with chronic hepatitis eating nutritious foods to light . Especially due to the maximum of liver function in patients with relapsed leaving drinking wine oxidation in the liver , can directly damage the liver cells , and therefore patients with hepatitis should temperance .
3 ) the seasons
It was observed that the volatility of the domestic seasons chronic hepatitis liver function , the result is: Spring fluctuations accounted for 22.94% , accounting for 23.85% in summer and autumn, accounting for 9.17% , accounting for 18.34% of winter to spring and summer volatility is the highest proportion .
4 ) acclimatized
Some patients with liver function just to recover, on a business trip , traveling, due to the conditions , changing the lives of soil and water environment , resulting in some changes in the environment and the body repeatedly abnormal liver function .
5 ) over medication
Patients with chronic hepatitis due to seeking more eager , often called liver taking too much medicine , so not only is not conducive to the treatment of liver disease, but will also bring some of the burden on the liver .

6 ) Other diseases
Patients with chronic hepatitis but also because colds, diarrhea, tightness, blood loss caused by fluctuations in liver function . Therefore, patients with chronic hepatitis must pay attention to heating and cooling , maintenance and stomach, conditioning modality, careful living , try to avoid other diseases caused by fluctuations in liver function.
So how to proceed from reason to prevent hepatitis syndrome happens , we take a look at the advice of experts .
( 1 ) Avoid drugs damage the liver : anthelmintic, sedative drugs, tetracycline , narcotic drugs can increase the burden of the liver , is not conducive to disease recovery , should minimize these drugs, especially drugs should strictly prohibited.
( 2 ) to prevent infection : hepatitis patients immune dysfunction , very susceptible to colds after recovery , bronchitis , pneumonia and other infectious diseases that have been restored or stable disease activity again , pay attention to personal hygiene , according to the change in climate change clothes.
( 3 ) avoid over exertion : Within six months after cure hepatitis should avoid heavy manual labor, work and rest , sexual abstinence should be .
( 4 ) Avoid unnecessary transfusion : the cure hepatitis patients unless absolutely necessary , you should try not to blood transfusion and injection products, to prevent infection with hepatitis B , hepatitis C , hepatitis D , hepatitis , such as hepatitis G virus .
( 5 ) Avoid short term pregnancy : Women hepatitis patients heal within six months after pregnancy should be avoided , otherwise it would have been cured or exacerbations of hepatitis relapse .
( 6 ) regular inspection : hepatitis patients were cured after discharge should be every 1 to 2 times a month to the hospital , ready to restore the situation to understand the disease , early detection of inflammatory activity .

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